Entrevista de los alumnos a Katie, auxiliar de conversación de Infantil

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9 de marzo de 2018
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9 de marzo de 2018

Entrevista de los alumnos a Katie, auxiliar de conversación de Infantil

Katie Interview Questions (Infantil)

  1. Good morning! Before starting the interview, we would like to say that we are really pleased to have you here in our school and we are really enjoying your lessons. Having said that, let’s start with the interview. From which part of North America are you from?
  1. I am from Boston, Massachusetts in the Northeast.
  1. What can you tell us about it?
  2.  Boston is a busy city that is very cold during the winter.  It has a lot of historical monuments and a fast-pace lifestyle.
  1. What did you study at university?
  2. At the university I studied Spanish and Education.


  1. What’s your favourite meal? And your favourite animal?
  2. My favorite meal is meat and potatoes, but I also love ice cream.  My favorite animal is a giraffe.
  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  2. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.
  1. What’s your favourite book?
  2. My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.
  1. Why did you decide to come to Spain to work as a language assistant?
  2. I wanted to practice the language that I studied.  I also wanted to experience another culture and lifestyle.  I have always wanted to visit Spain because it is a beautiful country.
  1. What is the thing you like the most about being a language assistant?
  2. My favorite thing about being a language assistant is having the ability to work with children and teach them another language and culture.
  1. What kind of activities are you doing with the students?
  2. With my students I am playing games with flashcards, singing songs, and reading stories.
  1. What do you think of the level of our students?
  2. I think there is a wide range of fluency in the students; all of which are very good.
  1. What’s the thing you like the most about teaching?
  2. I truly enjoy building relationships with my students.  It is something that is extremely important to me as a language assistant.
  1. Did you know Spain before coming here as a language assistant?
  2. I have never visited Spain.  At my university I studied Spanish history, the culture, and its language before coming.
  1. Did you study any foreign languages when you were at school in America? How was it?
  2. I studied Spanish throughout high school and the University.It was different in America because my school did not have access to native speakers, something that was very evident in my language comprehension.  I also wish that schools in America incorporated a foreign language at a younger age.  I did not have my first Spanish class until I was thirteen years old and I feel that starting at a younger age can ensure a better understanding in the language.
  1. What do you think about learning languages?
  2. I think learning a language is very important and extremely vital in our society.  It is also a way to experience and learn about another culture, which can promote relationships and new ways of thinking.  Learning a language can provide many benefits to an individual and to a society as well.
  3. Do you like Spain? Could you tell us some differences between America and Spain?
  4. I love Spain and everything about it.  The culture, the people, and especially the food are just one of the many reasons why I am enjoying my time here.  There are many differences between America and Spain, such as the times that we eat and the way people interact.  In Spain, the people are very warm and affectionate (something I really like).

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